Did you know that you make many shopping mishaps every time you shop groceries online? Do you remember the first thing you bought on the online shop? Or even the most recent one? Shopping is one of the essential spices in our life which you can’t afford to do in its absence. But at times, regardless of your personality or profession, you can make shopping mistakes that can be an absolute disaster.

It’s no secret that online shopping is incredible as it gives you numerous price options, not mentioning the fast delivery options. Here are some of the 8 mistakes you should never make while shopping online:

1. Paying with Your Debit Card

When shopping online, avoid paying with your debit card. While credit cards are a much safer option, debit cards are not. Debit cards are just an equivalent of cash, and the moment you check out, money is deducted on the spot. More, so your card number can be vulnerable to hackers and theft, which further makes it a less safe option.

Besides, if someone accesses your credit card information and uses it fraudulently, then you’ll not be cash strapped while your credit card company investigates. On the other hand, if it’s a credit card, then your account could be drained in a short time. Federal laws also protect credit card transactions than debit card transactions; hence, it’s better to use a credit card or cash for shopping.

2. Not Being Paid to Shop

If you ask many people how much they spend on groceries, then it’ll surprise you to know they spend much. So maybe your grocery bills are high because of your family or diet. Regardless you can earn money with apps such as Ibotta.
With Ibotta, you’ll enjoy saving on your grocery purchase. You only need to upload the receipt to their sites, and it transfers the savings and deals to your Ibotta account.

3. Failure to Plan

A grocery shop visit should be enjoyable, but that can change if you don’t plan it ahead of time. Besides, hitting the wrong stores, you may end up not finding your groceries and returning home empty-handed. If you visit a grocery shop without a plan, then the chances are high that you’ll waste many hours without getting anything to show for it. So, think of the things you might need in the store before getting it and carry enough cash to buy each.

4. Forgetting to Check Discounts and Cash Back Promotions

With online grocery shopping, they are variety of ways in which you can save money. You can get paid for cashback in different apps such as:
• Ibotta which gifts you cash rebates you when you shop via the app
• Buying via websites such as Swagbucks shop, Rakuten and Droop to earn cash rebates
Many grocery shops are one of the best discount shops online that offer reward programs such as daily offers, weekly offers, and discounts.You can take advantage of these programs that enable you to save big.

5. Making Purchases While On a Public Wi-Fi Network

Well, we all love the free public Wi-Fi, but when shopping, you should avoid them. You don’t want to transmit your sensitive credit card data while on an open internet connection. Hackers are vigilant and look for every possible way to maneuver and get customers’ account details.

According to Symantec Corporation, shopping involves less of personal data, but making purchases requires your personal information like account login credentials and bank account information. With this data, an insecure Wi-Fi connection could easily lead to the leak of this information to third parties and other prying eyes.

6. Relying Solely On Customer Reviews

Online reviews give you an insight into what you should expect with grocery products, but are they reliable? Not, though some customer reviews are honest, the majority of retailers’ sponsor fake user reviews for their products. Most of these reviews are fake; hence, you should not spend your hard-earned cash based on just a review. Instead, you should experiment with the grocers’ products to know the stores offering sweet and quality products.

7. Ignoring The “No Returns Policy”

When shopping in a grocery store, remember to check their return policies. Most grocery stores do not accept returns for the food items. This enables you to be prepared and informed if you don’t like the food you bought.

8. Buying Groceries that you don’t need

Whether you didn’t find your item or shopping for fun, purchasing an item you spot on the shelves randomly is a bad idea. Many times I have fallen into the trap of buying the item I don’t need, and it forms a habit that is hard to stop.

Shopping is an enjoyable aspect of life that should be fun and exciting. But like other needs, bad habits do exist, and you must get rid of these habits to improve your shopping experience.

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